Consular Processing:

Consular Processing allows an individual to obtain their Lawful Permanent Residence Status at a U.S. Consular post abroad. The Consular post abroad issues a visa to those eligible to establish entitlement under one of the classifications that are enumerated under the INA. In order for an applicant to be eligible they must be:

  • The beneficiary of an approved visa petition granting family-based immediate relative, or preference classification, or employment-based preference classification.
  • Be a derivative family member (i.e. spouse, unmarried minor child) of the applicant or
  • Be entitled to special immigrant status under § 101 (a)(27)(H);

Once a family-based or employment-based petition is approved on behalf of the beneficiary, the applicant will then attend an interview at the Consular Post Abroad where they will be issued a visa to enter the United States in order to obtain their Green Card. Issuances of visas is determined on eligibility including the review of all inadmissibility grounds. Inadmissibility grounds can be found under 8. U.S. Code §1182. Certain inadmissibility grounds can be waived with a properly approved waiver.

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